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Floors to Walls, a pioneering player in interior design solutions, is flexing its muscles to reach more homes and builders across the archipelago, through its network of over two hundred dealers across the country.

“The construction industry is booming so far,” CEO Kelvin Ting said during an intimate press briefing in Quezon City recently.

“The recovery started to peak during the pandemic when people started to seriously renovate their homes. While regions differ in preferences, our extensive range caters to all tastes and persuasions.

“Ours is a stable business and not as perishable as food. We develop our own tile designs, while also importing from China and the Netherlands.

“Houses reflect the personality of their owners; that’s why even things like a stucco finish texture are very important. We balance the cost with the quality of our products. In fact, our customers go home more knowledgeable and knowledgeable after visiting us. We give free consultations to our clients, both at our physical locations and online.

“Our business model is not about the number of franchisees, but about the few people who have a ‘feel’ for the industry. After all, their success will also be our success! Ting continued.

The company’s expanded customer base includes architects, builders, contractors and construction, developers and (exterior) designers, engineers, facility managers, general consumers, households and decorators. interior.

“Filipinos love to haggle and they happily buy when they have a discount or markdown. We will help our provincial franchisees with online marketing and advertising. And to help them further, we won’t ask them to All they need is to help us with the cost of promotions.

“We’re aiming for about five franchisees this year, but three is a good number. As part of our CSR and sustainability efforts, we also use green technology, in which our marble art uses and is made from recyclable materials. We want to help maintain the ecosystem,” Ting intoned, following the company’s symposium with the media.

Floors to Walls has now opened up its business model to franchising. For any request, send it by e-mail to [email protected] or call +639097163435 for deductible.



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