AP aquaculturists register to sell their products through e-Santa

Many aquaculturists in the state plan to update their product details online and market their stocks through e-Santa, an electronic marketplace for exporting marine products.

e-Santa is a platform to connect farmers and aquatic buyers across the country, to avoid middlemen. Producers and exporters registered with the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) can trade online on the platform.

Online marketing, e-Santa (shandy), will be very helpful for farmers. The system will provide direct connectivity to farmers and exporters and the producer will get a good price, depending on the quality of the product, ”said MPEDA President KS Srinivas.

Many fish, shrimp and crab farmers have suffered losses due to lack of knowledge about marketing facilities and are being deceived by middlemen. Officials from MPEDA and the National Center for Sustainable Aquaculture (NaCSA) were helping farmers use e-Santa, recently launched by Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal, Srinivas said.

The farmer will enter harvest details, expected quantity, photographs of the pond and shrimp, expected harvest date, lab reports certifying product quality and other details on the portal. The buyers will then contact the farmers and negotiate with them directly, list price details and make a 25% online payment once the deal is done, NaCSA CEO K. Shanmuka Rao said.

“The first e-Santa marketing was recently done by a farmer from Akiveedu in the West Godavari district. We plan to do more e-Santa transactions from Guntur, Krishna and West Godavari districts by the end of this month. Farmers registered with the Aqua Farmers Welfare Society are eligible to trade through e-Santa, ”said the CEO.

The producer will obtain full payment within three working days after handing over the stocks to the exporter. An agreement will be signed by the farmer, buyer and members of the Aqua Farmers Welfare Society, which will be monitored by MPEDA-NaCSA officials, Shanmuka Rao said.

“E-Santa will help farmers get a good return on their products and avoid middlemen. Small and medium-sized farmers can also market their stocks through electronic marketing, ”said a Sudarshan farmer from Koduru village in Krishna district.

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