Are Google Ads Worth It? 3 Key Statistics … and How to Get the Most Out of Your Google Ads

Small and medium-sized business owners, whether or not they have a physical location, often wonder if Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are worth the money. You may have heard that 44% of the money spent on advertising is wasted on banner ads not seen on websites.

That’s quite true, tons of people completely ignore banner ads on websites. However, Google Ads are a little different because they are not presented as banner ads. Typically, they show up as sponsored results in the Google searches themselves. In fact, about half of the people are unable to recognize ads in search results, compared to traditional website banners.

So, is Google Ads worth it? We think so, but we’ll present some key stats to show why.

Some key statistics on Google Ads

  • 95.88% of Google searches have four or more words (Statista, 2020)
  • Online ads can increase brand awareness by up to 80% (WebFX, 2019)
  • Two in five small and medium-sized businesses run a PPC campaign (WebFX, 2019)
  • 80% of businesses focus on Google Ads for PPC campaigns (Tech Jury, 2020)
  • Search Network ads are the most popular PPC ads, followed by social media, remarketing, display, shopping, native, programmatic, and podcast ads (Acquisio, 2019)
  • Google Ads results receive 65% of clicks that started with keyword purchase, while organic results only receive 35% (Askmedigi, 2020)
  • Internet users are four times more likely to click on a paid search ad on Google (63%) than on any other search engine – Amazon (15%), YouTube (9%) and Bing (6%) (Clutch, 2019 )

Top performing ads include action verbs in keywords

Determining your Google Ads budget depends on a few variables. Most experts recommend that SMBs budget between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000 per month, although it is best to start with a smaller range. You want to increase your budget as your experience with serving ad campaigns increases (and your business size).

The average cost per click for Google Ads is between $ 1 and $ 2, depending on the keyword. Of the Google ads clicked on, 65% have buyer intent keywords such as “buy”, “buy”, “buy” and similar words. PPC management software can help you more effectively track which keywords are performing well and which ones you are wasting money on, so it’s worth checking out. List of shapes of the best PPC management software available.

CPC keywords on the Display Network can cost less than $ 1, while high-level competitive keywords can cost significantly more. Part of balancing your Google Ads budget is getting the most out of it, which means spending time optimizing keywords and other aspects of your ad campaign that can lower or increase the total cost.

Consumers will drive 5 miles to local businesses found online

For local businesses with an online presence, Google Ads can be a great investment in increasing brand awareness, website clicks, and foot traffic to physical locations. Geo-targeting allows you to target consumers near your business, which will also lower the cost of your ads as you are not competing with nationally-oriented brands.

Statistics show that approximately 72% of consumers who find a local business online will travel up to five miles from their current location. You can also include map and phone extensions, so consumers can easily view your location on their map and call your business directly by clicking on the ad.

95% of Google searches have four or more words

Products may be of interest to different consumers for different purposes, and sellers usually have to decide who to primarily market their products to. This is not the case with PPC ads, which can help you target different keywords for the same products, reaching multiple types of consumers at once.

Imagine a product like coffee filters. Obviously people use them for drip coffee makers, but not everyone who buys coffee filters will use them for coffee. Coffee filters can be used to filter herbal infusions, remove sediment from homemade wine, or make homemade potpourri satchels.

With Google Ads campaigns, you can reach these different consumers with keyword phrases that directly target their interests. For example, you might have a campaign for “best coffee filters for coffee flavor” and another campaign for “DIY potpourri coffee filters”.

You can optimize the product page for a generic term and let your PPC ads drive traffic for different uses of the product.


If you’re just investing in a Google Ads campaign, you’re probably going to have a hard time. Achieving a successful PPC ad campaign requires a lot of strategy and planning, as well as adapting to consumer trends in the midst of ad campaigns.

Nonetheless, for business owners who can think like consumers, predict trends, and find competitive keywords worth targeting, Google Ads is certainly far better than spending money on banner ads. websites and other old-fashioned forms of advertising.

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