BacklinkGap backlink monitoring feature launched

BacklinkGap has introduced a new and automated backlink monitoring feature which allows its users to monitor backlinks.

Backlink monitoring is the practice of tracking URLs pointing to a specific website. Users would monitor their existing significant backlinks, keep an eye on their competitors’ backlinks, and discover changes in their backlink attributes.

The developers of BacklinkGap realized that it was necessary to help domain owners monitor backlinks because failure would harm their online reputation, marketing efforts, and link building strategies.

Users who do not monitor their backlinks would not notice issues such as their backlinks being deletedfailing to see that webmasters have amended the link from a dofollow to a nofollow, and failing to identify broken backlinks.

BacklinkGap’s backlink monitoring feature would help users identify changes to their link attribute or monitor to ensure it is not removed.

Users could monitor their backlinks by simply following these three steps:

  1. Enter their domain under BacklinkGap’s backlink checker feature, then research the backlinks they want to monitor.
  2. Once they have identified these backlinks, users add them to the monitor.
  3. BacklinkGap would then provide regular updates on the status of these backlinks. Users can pause monitoring of their backlinks at any time they like.

BacklinkGap would also introduce a friendship score system, a metric developed by the BacklinkGap team. It determines how “friendly” a domain or page is based on the number of links pointing to it and their quality.

Users who are unsure which backlinks should be monitored can refer to the friendship score system to identify important backlinks that should be monitored.

Clients/Teams will be able to view reports through the new shareable reports as users can generate shareable links for reports with just a few clicks in the BacklinkGap dashboard.

A clean and organized workspace improves efficiency and use of time. BacklinkGap’s marking The feature specifically focuses on this through customizable tags to keep users’ backlinks organized and easily accessible.

Users can also add Remarks leaving notes about changes in their link building strategy for easy remembering.

Finally, BacklinkGap has introduced a link import feature where users can manually include backlinks that BacklinkGap’s backlink checker has not discovered.

To celebrate the launch, BacklinkGap is offering its users a limited-time discount on subscriptions. For more information, those interested can visit

Contact information:
Name: Sheldon Wong
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: BacklinkGap

Build ID: 89072308

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