Catalonia is building its own metaverse, says Minister of Innovation

Catalan Chief Innovation Officer Daniel Macro spoke about some of the key efforts the government has made and is working on to make the region a digital hub in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph editor-in-chief, Alex Cohen. Macro’s comments came during the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) 2022.

Macro said the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years has really helped spread the idea of ​​the digital economy, which is part of the mainstream economy. He went on to cite the example of Europe which decided to digitize the energy agreement and several other digital agreements.

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Macro took over leadership of the government’s SmartCatalonia strategy in 2014, overseeing the initiative to make Catalonia a standout “Smart Country” on the global stage. And with the advent of blockchain technology and the metaverse, the minister is working to create an all-digital economy inspired by the physical world.

He revealed that the government was working on building a Catalan metaverse called Cataverse. He explained:

“Cataverse will be linked to the Catalan language and Catalan culture. That’s what we want to have in this metaverse, that Catalan entities that do things for the culture can do it in the metaverse.

The Catalan Minister of Innovation then highlighted the government’s plans to make Barcelona the digital hub. He said that a lot would depend on talent and the government has adopted several university policies and programs to cultivate this talent in young people. He said:

“We have very strong policies to generate talent from college, but we also train a lot of skills programs like boot camps and other activities because we need different profiles.”

He added that the government is trying to combine the two, i.e. cultivate new talent and attract more companies with a friendly working environment.

Asked about blockchain projects that tourists can interact with in Barcelona, ​​the minister cited the example of a project focused on personal health and a few others based on public transport.

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