Change in Madang PPC criticized

Among the changes is the position of Madang Provincial Police Commander. The announcement, however; met with strong opposition from the public and members of the gendarmerie, who do not wish to be named in this story.

In Madang province, various community leaders, including several policemen themselves, expressed their displeasure with the announcement, especially as the country prepares to enter elections.

Robert Kalasim, a former provincial police commander in Madang province many years ago, an elderly citizen and local businessman, is one of those who have come forward publicly this week to express their displeasure with the change of command in the province.

He said changing heads of security commands at a time when the nation is preparing to contest national elections is not appropriate, and especially for provinces like Madang, where law and order is a serious problem. .

Mr. Kalasim explained that his remarks are his personal opinion as a former senior police officer and his understanding of the systems within the Gendarmerie.

In his opinion, he believes the outgoing PPC, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang has performed exceptionally well in the almost two years he has been at Madang.

He said Rubiang came to Madang when the law and order situation in the province was at its worst and he worked hard to improve the situation.

“He is humble and had gone to the village to be with people when they needed police presence. These are the kind of police chiefs Madang wants when we have an increase in crime. One of the key roles of the police is to engage people in the community to work with the police, and Mazuc takes care of that. I’m glad that he’s staying and continuing after the election because I believe there will be changes in the crime rate in the province.

Mr. Kalasim further said that he wants Rubiang to remain as Madang PPC until after the elections.

Raicoast Nayudo Local Government Chairman Senuka Kaku also expressed concern that the Hetwara election currently led by Maazuc Rubiang will be affected if he leaves the province because locals want him to stay in the province. the province so that these gang leaders come to his presence. .

He said that the PPC had met him and the chiefs on three occasions and that the gang leader at Hetwara in the Nankina Valley wanted the PPC Mazuc to be present when they visited.

A Meibu village chief who does not wish to be named said he wants Mazuc to stay in the province and the elections to be peaceful in Raicoast. Stating that if he leaves and these gang leaders don’t surrender, it will be a disaster for Raicoast during election time.

He said they are happy with what he does and how he responds to crimes when they are brought to his attention.

Madang’s new PPC is Chief Inspector David Seine, who has been independent for some time. Rubiang, meanwhile, is independent.

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