Ciphers Digital Donates $ 9,500 Website to Lucky Arizona Restaurant

Ciphers Digital Arizona Restaurant Website Giveaway

We understand online marketing and you understand food. Let’s work together and take your business to the next level.

With over 15 years of marketing experience and nearly 100 websites built under his leadership, Ciphers Digital is keen to give back to the community by helping a lucky restaurant winner build their dream website.

Recent restrictions and closures have hit Arizona restaurants particularly hard, with more than 10% of restaurants scheduled to close in 2020 alone. For an industry that employs more than 2,300 workers in the state, Ciphers Digital is hoping its website giveaway will help a wealthy place by opening up their online sales to income.

The website will be fully encrypted and SSL secured and will allow online payments using various methods. It will also be fully mobile responsive and pixel perfect, so integrating it with any pre-existing social media the restaurant uses will be a snap.

With every project they create, Ciphers Digital’s mission is to help increase sales and build a solid reputation for their client. Recent events have shown restaurants how valuable an active online presence is to continued success and growth. Ciphers Digital is hoping that their website giveaway will give the restaurant’s lucky winner the support they need to take their business to the next level.

In addition to the above website functionality, the website winner will also have the ability to track and optimize the SEO of their search engine results and the implementation of other Google Analytics metrics. The winner can expect the website to be fully personalized for their business and promote smooth online ordering for hungry customers.

As an Arizona-based company, Ciphers Digital understands the impact that collaborating with other community members can have on a business’s success. That’s why they’ve teamed up with Local First Arizona and the Arizona Restaurant Association to offer such a generous price. Local First Arizona helps local businesses make their voices heard and provide them with much-needed resources. The Arizona Restaurant Association’s mission includes building customer loyalty and increasing the financial success of restaurants.

Ciphers Digital’s professional team relies on integrity, trust and honesty when working with clients. They specialize in targeted marketing campaigns using search engine optimization (SEO) solutions, social media marketing, and email and digital marketing strategies.

The experienced team will use their expertise to create an engaging and engaging website for the lucky recipient of the gift in about a month. Here are some features the winner can expect to see in their freshly designed online space:

Awesome website with a clear list of meals

A digital sales pace with location, payment and delivery features

Visibility for customers

Social media management expert

Newsletters and customer engagement

Optimization with A / B testing and heatmaps

The $ 9,500 giveaway of a fully functional website to an Arizona restaurant owner runs from now until October 29, 2021, when Ciphers Digital will announce the lucky winner. If you own a local restaurant in Arizona and would like to participate, submit your entry today!

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