Contempt of court: LHC suspends sentences against Mandi Bahauddin DC, AC

LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Ameer Bhatti, suspended, sentenced Deputy Commissioner (DC) Tariq Basra and Deputy Commissioner (AC) Imtiaz Ali to Mandi Bahauddin on Monday for contempt of court.

The CJ LHC issued the ordinance on separate appeals filed by convicts challenging their convictions and sentences.

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A consumer court judge recently convicted Mandi Bahauddin DC and AC of contempt of court and handed him three months in prison.

During today’s hearing, counsel for the appellants argued that the consumer court had “unlawfully imposed sentences on the two government officials” and pointed out that the consumer court had failed. no jurisdiction to hear the case.

After hearing the initial arguments, CJ LHC suspended the sentences of the two convicts and called a case file from the court of first instance.

Condemnation of DC and AC

On November 26, Consumer Court Judge Rao Abdul Jabar Khan (District and Sessions Judge) Mandi Bahudin conducted summary proceedings under Article-228 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and sentenced the two officers to three months’ imprisonment each.

The district police officer was also ordered to send them to Gujrat prison for custody.

The consumer court judge was seized of the case when litigation officer Rana Mehboob appeared before him on behalf of the CA and made derogatory remarks in a threatening tone. He not only refused to accept the authority of the court, but also continued to insult the judge.

As a result, by issuing a notice of justification, the consumer court imposed a three-month sentence on him under article-228 of the CCP after having found him guilty of interfering with judicial work.

At the same time, AC Ali also appeared in consumer court and attempted to defend the litigation officer.

Later, the judge received a call from DC Basra, and he asked her to release the legal officer. DC told the judge Mehboob was mentally unstable and had misbehaved with an LHC judge earlier as well. The LHC judge then pardoned Mehboob after offering an unconditional apology.

It was reflected that Mehboob was sent by DC and AC to misbehave with the court while appearing on their behalf. The DC’s conduct also fell short and this amounted to interference in court proceedings, the judge ruled in the sentencing order.

“In view of the case, the u / s 228 PPC offense against the Deputy Commissioner (Imtiaz Ali) and the Deputy Commissioner (Tariq Basra) has also been proven, and this is the summary procedure, therefore, I condemn the assistant commissioner and the deputy commissioner. Commissioner u / s 228 PPC, according to the written order.

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Article-228 of the CPP reads as follows: Insult or intentional interruption to an official sitting in legal proceedings: “Anyone who intentionally insults or causes an interruption to an official, while that official is sitting at any stage of the process. legal proceedings, will be punished with simple imprisonment of up to six months, or a fine of up to [three thousand rupees], or with both.

The consumer court judge also sent a notice of justification to the president of the District Bar Association MB Din Zahid Yar Gondal for threatening to withdraw the sentencing order.

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