Website Position 1 Fri, 14 Jan 2022 07:16:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Website Position 1 32 32 Harnaaz Sandhu is “dazzled” by Priyanka Chopra during her visit to the Empire State Building. See photo | Bollywood Fri, 14 Jan 2022 06:40:21 +0000

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu posted a photo of herself standing in front of actor Priyanka Chopra’s photo at the Empire State Building. Harnaaz is currently in New York.

In the photo shared on her Instagram Stories, Harnaaz can be seen wearing her crown and smiling while looking at Priyanka’s picture and posing with her. She captioned the photo, “Yesterday at the Empire State Building got hit by Priyanka Chopra.”

Harnaaz Sandhu shares a photo on Instagram.

Priyanka’s photo is from her 2016 visit to the Empire State Building. She went to the skyscraper to promote her show Quantico.

Harnaaz previously opened up about how she drew inspiration from Priyanka. Last month, in an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Harnaaz was asked to name a celebrity, whose biopic she would like to feature. Harnaaz said, “Priyanka Chopra. I would love to be a part of this. I think she has inspired me throughout her journey and she will continue to inspire millions of us.”

Recently, a video of Harnaaz from winning the Miss Diva 2021 title surfaced online. In the clip, Harnaaz said, “I love Priyanka Chopra. So whatever lessons I can learn from her, they are nonetheless. So I will always choose Priyanka.

After winning the Miss Diva title, Harnaaz told Rediff she wants to follow in Priyanka’s footsteps. She said: “Priyanka Chopra was my biggest inspiration. She created her own brand and represented India not only in beauty pageants but also through her talent as an actress and singer. She made the Proud India and I hope to follow in her footsteps and bring back the glory as she did.

In an interview with Fox5, Priyanka said she was very excited about Harnaaz’s victory at Miss Universe: “I was very excited about it. The last time India had a Miss Universe was Lara Dutta in the year 2000. That was also the year I won Miss World. She (Harnaaz) won the crown after 21 and she’s 21, so she was born the year I won Miss World. I’m so excited for her and hope this is the start of an amazing journey. She’s very smart and gorgeous, obviously, and I’m very excited for her.

Read more: When Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu said “I love Priyanka Chopra,” talked about learning from her. look

In December, when Harnaaz won the Miss Universe 2021 title, Priyanka congratulated her on Instagram. Sharing a video of the moment the host announced Harnaaz’s name as Miss Universe 2021, Priyanka wrote a note for her. She wrote, “And the new Miss Universe is… Miss India.” She added, “Congratulations @harnaazsandhu_03 (on) bringing home the crown after 21 years.”

Political Marketing: Advertising Practitioners Expect Budget Increase in 2022 Wed, 12 Jan 2022 23:17:26 +0000

Raheem Akingbolu

Similar to the year before Nigeria’s general elections, there will be a boom in political marketing and business environment advertising revenue in 2022, practitioners predicted. They also pointed out that the industry will see a huge increase in digital advertising budget this year, coupled with an acceleration in digital penetration and innovation.

The Chairman of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN), Emmanuel Ajufo, who pointed out that the marketing communications industry has gone from strength to strength after overcoming the challenge of the grim realities of the past two years, said that 2020 will be a year stabilizer following a hive of marketing activity inside and outside of politics.

“It is no longer a news that the global economy has been threatened in the past two years and it has also affected marketing a lot.

However, things are starting to take shape. For Nigerian practitioners, this year will be a multi-blessing as we explore both corporate and political spaces. As I speak, preparations for elections in Ekiti and Osun have started and the 2023 general elections are also approaching. Politicians are beginning to understand the need to hire professionals and this will have a positive impact on our industry. We should expect more print ads, TV ads and outdoor ads. Our people must prepare, now is the time to work,” Ajufo said.

A former president of the Experiential Marketing Association of Nigeria, Kehinde Salami, also described 2021 as a robust year for activation agencies, saying there is a strong possibility that 2022 will be more financially rewarding for the industry.

He said: “The surge in experiential marketing activity in 2021 has given us the outlook for 2022. Every day brand owners are becoming aware of the importance of experiential marketing as results are measurable faster than anyone else. what channel of engagement.

This year we are confident there will be more activity as the environment looks better than last year when the COVID-19 challenge left us all in fear. Even though it’s not uhuru yet, we hope things will be better this year,”
In his presentation, Starcom Media Perspectives Managing Director Jude Odia told an online marketing portal that he was optimistic about market growth this year as well as “a proliferation of platforms, especially microsites and blogs”.

“I’m hoping to see the budget go digital and more potential in our overall media spend. I’m also hoping to see exponential growth in content and that will be a driver for mobile and the kind of growth we’re hoping to see in mobile as well. “digital media space. Digital will fundamentally be the main beneficiary of this growth, as it will grow further at the expense of traditional media.”

“Fortunately, 2022 ushers in positive expectations for the advertising world, as advertising across all digital channels is expected to exceed 60% of global ad spend for the first time this year, reaching 61.5% of total spend according to reports from WPP’s Publicis Groupe media.Zénith agency.GroupM also forecast further growth of 13.5% in 2022, as digital now accounts for the lion’s share of advertising spend and is expected to account for 64.4% of total advertising. this year, compared to 60.5% in 2020.

The steady growth in the number of internet users worldwide has become a major factor fueling the growth of the online advertising market on the internet.

“With marketers leveraging internet advertising to achieve their marketing goals, the rise of social media bloggers, the growing trend of influencer marketing, the growing demand for e-commerce and social commerce accelerating by the pandemic and the continued increase in internet penetration across the globe has presented a great opportunity for internet advertising.Some of these channels include banners, remarketing, pay-per-call advertisements, pay-per-click and pop-ups through e-newsletters and one-to-one email marketing, search engine optimization, social media and ezine ads,” he said. .

Marketing gurus reveal PPC trends for 2022 success Wed, 12 Jan 2022 18:13:58 +0000

London, United Kingdom – January 12, 2022 – Since COVID-19, businesses and digital marketers around the world are facing more competition than ever. Top-class websites are now a necessity, as are an engaged social audience and viral content – ​​but if you really want to gain an edge, PPC efforts need to feature prominently in your marketing strategy.

Businesses that want to maintain their visibility, get noticed, and reach new customers in 2022 need to be aware of PPC trends. Brands that don’t use PPC run the risk of losing out to their competitors. The PPC experts at The Brains have come together to compile the PPC trends to watch in 2022, including potential new platforms for PPC ad campaigns, mobile-friendly PPC ads, and advances in PPC automation.

Discussing the PPC trends of 2022, Lenka Stefanakova, Senior Account Strategist for PPC, says:

“With new privacy policy changes coming into effect, marketers will really need to securely collect first-party data to elevate their marketing efforts. As data gets more and more covered, businesses should really focus on creating strong ads that stand out Video ads are a must have asset for any brand in 2022 don’t tend to convert on the very first visit to the website. To really be successful this year, you need to really understand your audience and learn more about their touchpoints, find out where they hang out, and reconnect with them. – Lenka Stefanakova, senior account strategist for PPC, The Brains

The detailed blog post, outlining the hottest PPC trends and tips for 2022, can be found below:

PPC Trends for 2022: How to Get Noticed

About Brains

The Brains is a leading digital marketing agency in London, focused on strategies that deliver unbeatable ROI and long-term business success. The Brains offers first class content marketing, SEO, lead generation and PPC services among others.

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Should Your SEO Team Invest In SEO Tools? Tue, 11 Jan 2022 15:17:00 +0000

Understanding your current marketing processes, knowing how to measure success, and being able to identify where you are looking for improvements, are all critical parts of SEO platform decision making. But deciding if your business needs an SEO platform requires the same assessment steps that are involved in any software adoption, starting with a full self-assessment.

Read more: SEO Software Tools: What Marketers Need To Know

Use the following questions as a guide to determine the answers.

Do we have the right human resources in place?

Employing people to implement and use SEO platforms is a prerequisite for success. If you have marketing staff, using SEO tools can make them more effective and efficient. The vast majority of organic search marketers struggle to justify their SEO budgets. SEO platforms and tools are a key part of helping to keep overall costs down while getting the job done. Their analytical skills can also help SEOs prove the impact of their work on bottom lines.

Do we have a level C buy-in?

Business SEO software can be a five- or six-figure annual investment. Demonstrating the value of SEO to senior executives is critical by running test pilots and agreeing to a definition of “success” in advance.

Do we have the right technical resources?

Successful SEO requires dedicated technical resources deployed to act on recommendations and opportunities revealed by analytics and reports.

Who will business SEO belong to?

Corporate SEO is typically placed in marketing, editorial, or IT, depending on the nature of the business. Unfortunately, in large companies it usually ends with whoever has the budget or who can best articulate the business case. Ideally, it should be both.

Can we invest in staff training?

It is essential to train the technical, design, content and marketing teams and to reinforce them regularly. A successful implementation of corporate SEO will find ways to inject SEO knowledge into existing training programs and identify internal evangelists to spread the messages widely. Training must be comprehensive, consistent and continuous. Some tooling companies include or offer training for an additional fee, so be sure to educate yourself about it.

How much should we share reports with non-SEO staff?

Some tool vendors focus significant development resources on simple interfaces that can be used by people in other organizational roles, such as copywriters or senior executives. If this is important to you, be sure to research it specifically when evaluating possible platforms.

Have we established KPIs and implemented a system for monitoring, measuring and reporting results?

It’s important to know up front what you want your SEO to achieve. Want to improve SERP rankings or the time visitors spend on your site? Is conversion, whether it’s a product purchase or a whitepaper download, your primary focus? Having goals will help you decide whether you’re ready to use an enterprise platform wisely, as well as which tool will best meet your organization’s needs.

How are we going to measure success?

Based on your site’s monetization strategy, make sure you know how you will determine whether the platform’s deployment and successful execution of established KPIs actually increased sales, conversions, or pageviews.

Do we have realistic expectations?

It’s not uncommon for a business’s SEO efforts to take at least six months to generate tangible results. While SEO is a new initiative within the organization, there are cultural changes and workflow processes that will need to be implemented and refined. Setting realistic timelines and goals will help build support at all levels of the business.

Do we have an SEO culture?

Many organizations are starting to invest in SEO, but find that a lack of understanding of SEO across the organization is crippling their progress. Extensive educational programs are often required to provide consistent performance and results.

Get the full report on business SEO tools here

New to Search Engine Land

About the Author

Pamela Parker is a Research Director at Third Door Media’s Content Studio, where she produces MarTech Intelligence reports and other in-depth content for digital marketers in collaboration with Search Engine Land and MarTech. Prior to this role at TDM, she was Content Manager, Senior Editor, and Features Editor. Parker is a respected authority on digital marketing, having published and written on the subject since its inception. She is a former editor-in-chief of ClickZ and has also worked on the commercial side helping independent publishers monetize their sites at Federated Media Publishing. Parker received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

How this Indore-based startup improves creativity associated with value-driven digital services Tue, 11 Jan 2022 06:58:09 +0000

In 2019, when Sarthak Nahar, Somil Jain, Ayush Vyas and Ankit Kushwah were in their final year of engineering, they dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs by providing their clients with creative, value-driven strategies. They had a clear vision, where they wanted to solve a problem in the industry with effective creative solutions. And that’s how Egniter was born. A creative agency that is a one stop shop for holistic online marketing solutions.

Igniter’s range of services includes SEO, SMM and SEM, content creation, website design and development, email marketing, among other services.

Helping brands with value-driven digital strategies

The Indore-based startup operates as a value-driven digital strategy firm whose personalized services can help brands gain competitive advantage. “Egniter is a creative agency where we connect brands to their target audience and help them bridge the communication gap between business and customers,” says Sarthak, one of the co-founders of Igniter.

“Take the example of a rocket that takes off into space. It needs a speed of 11 km / s to take off from the Earth’s atmosphere. Likewise, our brands also require a similar type of push in the form of marketing and branding strategies, to reach the zenith. That’s what we ended up calling our company Egniter – we drive our customers’ businesses while helping them improve their market presence and grow their audience, ”says Ankit.

Egniter believes in combining ideas and strategies to create digital products for forward thinking organizations, leading to a wide range of services categorized under branding, marketing and development.

Looking at the early days of the business, Sarthak says the team started out with just a few services, but they soon realized that if they wanted to capture a greater market share, they would have to expand their services to explore. new avenues like graphic design, video editing, motion graphics, cinematography, photography. “We understood that by including singers, rappers, beatboxers, music producers and content creators, we could achieve better results for our clients,” he adds.

While digging deeper into the services Egniter offers, the team says the concept of social thinking is central to their website design. To explain this, Ankit added, “We have added the phrase ‘social thinking’ to our website because brands and customers see marketing as a major exercise. However, at Egniter, we see marketing as a daily exercise, not rocket science. We prefer to integrate a brand into a person’s social life to make it visible in the long term. India lacks branding agencies, and most of them don’t realize the difference between marketing and branding. Thus, we want to be recognized as a branding agency, where we create brands that have the potential to have a long-term impact ”.

While browsing the Igniter website, another interesting concept that is sure to grab some attention is the “Create Marks Between 1:00 and 3:00 AM” feature. Asked about it, Somil explains the thought behind it. “Creativity through content is the key factor that drives startups or large companies. Usually our days are filled with meetings and daily tasks. However, we often feel that our creativity strikes best between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. The mind is free to think and imagine, and this is how we build the best branding strategies.

Igniter’s success can be attributed to a dedicated team of creative professionals who always strive to build a successful brand. Speaking about what sets Egniter apart, Sarthak says the problem with most marketing and branding agencies is that they create content in a monotonous fashion and end up prioritizing consistency over quality. “Although we have a client on board, we care about the quality of the content in an intangible way, in almost every aspect, whether it’s video, hiring people, introducing clients, etc. Our creativity and quality content sets us apart. “

The vision of four students ultimately turned out to be a successful brand. However, the road to success has not been easy. Given their inexperience, the team took a long time convincing people to believe in their work. “No company or client was ready to invest in us. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with a unique opportunity as more brands have started to explore digital marketing options. We have had clients flocking. Now we have clients in several sectors and this remains a striking factor for our growth, ”says Ankit.

Target customers at the pan-Indian level

“We had a vision for growth in India, and a large part of our customer base includes Indian companies. Thus, the .in domain name was an obvious choice for its authenticity and the way it reinforced our attachment to the country. We wanted to instill all of these feelings into our brand, ”explains Ankit, while explaining why the team opted for a .in domain name.

“We are targeting customers all over India because we believe there are certain brands that need a good set of marketing and branding strategies to explore global opportunities. So, the .in domain name extension has been a big help in targeting these customers, ”added Sarthak.

Ankit also believes that startups / small businesses can gain an advantage over large companies by going for the .in domain because it is readily available and cost effective.

The National Internet Exchange for India (NIXI) helps many businesses across the country obtain a .in or .Bharat domain. Businesses of any scale and size can benefit from a .in domain with the help of NIXI. It is affordable and can be used in over 22 languages ​​for businesses from all parts of the country.

How to Egniter balances growth and turnover

We are a primed startup and we had no funds to raise. We started with a small clientele and for the first eight months we were unable to generate any income. We received our first check from a customer after offering free service for eight months. Since then, we have seen massive growth over the past two years, reaching almost 240% more than last year, ”says Ankit.

Egniter has enlisted several great honchos as part of his clientele and wants to add more names in the future. “Currently, we have over 18 team members, who work either from the office or remotely. We are looking for talented professionals at the Pan-Indian level. and want to recruit more creative and enthusiastic minds to working with a startup. ”

Deepen the company’s plans. Ankit has not ruled out expanding to other cities as part of Igniter’s vision. “We are also working to increase our sales and revenue figures over the next six months,” Ankit said.

The series “Shaping India Inc’s Online Growth” chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how the creation of an online presence in the .in or .Bharat domain has fueled their successes.

Digital Marketing Experts Share Secrets To Drive Business Leads Mon, 10 Jan 2022 22:42:45 +0000

London, United Kingdom – January 10, 2022 – The New Year is a time to reorganize and refresh, and to aspire to new goals. Business leaders will feel that same motivation to dominate in 2022, and digital strategy will play a major role in any business aiming to excel and beat the competition.

To help businesses thrive, the experts at The Brains, London’s leading digital marketing agency, have come together and compiled a special giveaway. In a long-running blog post, The Brains shares proven methods of stimulating leads, based on years of research and supported by a number of case studies.

The Brains prides itself on their lead generation successes, helping their clients reach more valued customers quickly. The blog post covers techniques ranging from producing educational videos and downloadable resources to using chatbots and guest posting.

“Companies without a well-thought-out and up-to-date digital marketing strategy are putting themselves at a real handicap in 2022 and are missing out on valuable leads. Any business that wants to thrive and succeed needs a strong online presence while aligning and updating their SEO, PPC, and content marketing strategies. new digital marketing tools. – Jonathan Lemer, co-founder and director, The Brains

The blog post, outlining the outstanding lead generation practices for 2022, can be found below:

7 Digital Marketing Examples that Have Boosted Leads

About brains

The Brains is a leading digital marketing agency in London, focused on strategies that deliver unbeatable ROI and long-term business success. The Brains offers, among others, PPC, SEO, content marketing and lead generation services.

For more information please contact:

Jonathan Lemer, director, Les brains
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Media contact
Company Name: The brains
Contact: Jonathan Lemer, director
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Call: 0333 050 7328
Country: UK

IMF Warns of Turbulence When US Interest Rates Rise; eurozone unemployment drops – Business Live | Business Mon, 10 Jan 2022 10:44:06 +0000

The US Federal Reserve could cause market turmoil if it tightens monetary policy this year Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Hello and welcome to our continued coverage of the global economy, financial markets, euro area and business.

Turbulence could approach as the US central bank prepares to cancel its massive stimulus package, and emerging economies are said to be in the forefront.

the International Monetary Fund this morning warned that emerging markets could suffer a painful fallout once the US Federal Reserve begins to tighten monetary policy. With US inflation hitting near 40-year highs, US interest rates may soon rise.

This fallout could include the influx of capital out of emerging markets, causing their currencies to fall. This would be particularly serious for countries with high debt or high inflation.

The IMF explains in a new blog post this morning:

Widespread wage inflation in the United States or persistent bottlenecks could push prices up more than expected and fuel expectations of faster inflation. More rapid Fed rate hikes in response could shake financial markets and tighten financial conditions globally.

These developments could be accompanied by a slowdown in demand and trade in the United States and could lead to capital outflows and currency depreciation in emerging markets.

IMF report shows how tightening US monetary policy is affecting emerging markets

Photograph: IMF

The Fed is on track to end its asset purchase program in March and plans to hike interest rates three times this year.

The minutes from his December meeting show he may soon begin to reduce his balance sheet, known as quantitative tightening (QT), news that rocked markets last week.

Such a tightening could have more serious implications for vulnerable countries, adds the IMF:

In recent months, emerging markets characterized by high public and private debt, currency risks and lower current account balances have already seen their currencies move more strongly against the US dollar.

The combination of slower growth and high vulnerabilities could create unfavorable feedback loops for these economies.

So, as the Fed looks hawkish and the omicron hits supply chains and pushes costs up, policymakers in emerging markets need to brace for a storm.

Several emerging economies, such as Brazil, Russia and South Africa, have raised interest rates in 2021, due to high inflation.

But more action may be needed. Those with high debt denominated in foreign currencies should seek to reduce or hedge that exposure, while those with high debt may need to cut spending or raise taxes more quickly, according to the IMF.

Such a “fiscal tightening” would of course weigh on growth and jobs, highlighting the dilemma facing emerging market policymakers and central bankers.

Worryingly, the IMF is also warning that there could be bank failures in some weaker countries, saying:

For countries where corporate debt and bad loans were high even before the pandemic, some banks and weaker non-bank lenders may face credit problems if financing becomes difficult. Resolution regimes should be prepared.

The current Covid-19 pandemic is also threatening emerging markets – many of which have not benefited from the mass vaccination deployments seen in advanced economies.

The IMF concludes:

While the global recovery is expected to continue this year and into the next year, risks to growth remain high due to the continuing resurgence of the pandemic.

Given the risk of this coinciding with faster Fed tightening, emerging economies should prepare for possible economic crises.

Reuters News from the United States

IMF says emerging economies should prepare for Fed policy tightening

January 10, 2022


  • 10am GMT: Eurozone unemployment figures for November
  • 3 p.m. GMT: US wholesalers inventories for November

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More than 2,000 SMEs will benefit from affordable credit facilities Sun, 09 Jan 2022 09:46:09 +0000

The Nakuru County Government has signed an agreement with the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) to provide training and affordable finance to over 2,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the decentralized unit.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui said his administration is teaming up with the bank to offer credit facilities at an interest rate of 12.5% ​​per annum, of which 5% will be covered by the county government cooperative revolving fund. while the remaining 7.5% would be taken care of. for by the borrower.

Speaking at county headquarters when he signed a memorandum of understanding with the financial institution, Kinyanjui noted that although most SMEs have been affected by the economic aftershocks of Covid-19, affordable financing remains a challenge because of the high interest offered.

“We are urging other financial institutions to realign their programs by helping merchants adapt to the new reality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although SMEs are the driving force for economic development in Nakuru County, accounting for 90 percent of all businesses, 50 percent of jobs and 40 percent of gross domestic product, accessing affordable finance remains a challenge. for many, ”noted the governor. .

He noted that the lack of sufficient collateral, the high cost of credit and the informal business structure had made most SMEs ineligible for financing, a situation which Kinyanjui said had been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“With reduced revenue and disruption from Covid-19 in the market and supply chains, many small and medium-sized businesses are unlikely to attract quality, affordable credit under the deals traditional, ”Kinyanjui added.

He was accompanied by KCB Commercial Division Chief Wanjeri Kihara, KCB Retail Banking Director Anastacia Kimutai, Deputy Governor, Dr Eric Korir, County Executive Committee Member for Commerce and Tourism Raymond Komen Trade and County Prosecutor Caleb Nyamwange.

As part of the deal, SME entrepreneurs will be equipped with skills in online marketing opportunities, record keeping, productivity and quality management, business registration and questions. legal, among others. They will also be trained in keeping account books and filing tax returns.

The county administration has signed similar agreements with the SBM, Diamond Trust and Stanbic banks.

Kinyanjui said there is a growing need for entrepreneurs to join the digital market to expose Kenyan products to the global market.

He called on the country’s dominant small and micro-business sector to harness the increase in online shopping for growth.

“Now more than ever, we need to be innovative to help protect businesses from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will commit resources to support the initiative, train sellers and give them the tools to sell online effectively, ”Kinyanjui said.

“Our partnership will also ensure that more young people, women and boda-boda operators are empowered through digital learning which will expose them to the global market and ideas,” the governor added.

Kihara said the bank will provide free online training ranging from e-commerce basics to operations, marketing, finance and sales to young people and businesswomen as a way to counter the disruption of Covid-19.

She said the partnership aims to empower women, youth and people with disabilities through financial support to their businesses as a means of reducing poverty and increasing household income within the decentralized unit.

“We will train SME entrepreneurs for periods of 3 to 6 months and then incubate their businesses for 18 months while providing them with business development skills,” observed Kihara.

The head of KCB’s business division said that while there are growth opportunities for entrepreneurs in the country in the e-commerce sector, policymakers need to tackle factors such as high taxes and prices. high data in some markets, compounded by relatively low income levels.

Kihara said that through the partnership, both sides want to see local businesses grow beyond financial success to achieve greater social impact.

Komen revealed that a third of the country’s SMEs that needed financing did not get loans.

“A survey conducted by the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization found that 33% of small businesses had their loan applications either rejected or chose not to apply due to high interest rates, warranty and complex application procedures, ”the county executive committee said. Member of Commerce and Tourism.

“According to the World Bank SME Entrepreneurs Report, women make up almost half of all small and medium business owners and 40% of smallholder farm managers, but they have less than 10% of credit. available and less than 1%. agricultural credit, ”he added.

Komen urged women and youth in small and medium-sized businesses to embrace the technology to research new markets and communicate with stakeholders and potential customers.

“E-commerce can help make more goods and services available to consumers, increase market access for SMEs and encourage investment,” CEC said.

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Here’s how NASCAR is building a million dollar disposable track in the LA Coliseum Sat, 08 Jan 2022 16:49:17 +0000

Is it difficult to build a temporary NASCAR track in a football stadium? Much the same as a permanent building.

Construction of a quarter-mile track inside the LA Memorial Coliseum is underway.

New Valley Construction of Phoenix, Arizona, is paving the entire lot inside the LA Memorial Coliseum for the February NASCAR Busch Light Clash during the Coliseum’s season opener show run.

The quarter-mile track will only be used for a weekend and then demolished to restore the facility to its original condition.

The track was designed with the help of iRacing.

The track was designed with the help of iRacing.

Steve Boscardin, the New Valley executive in charge of the project, said Fox News Autos that he follows much the same procedure as if he were laying a surface long term. The big difference is that it puts protective layers of plastic and plywood on the ground before laying a six inch earth base on top.

It took 500 trucks to do it, which Boscardin said was tricky due to the narrow tunnel available to cross. Another 70 semi-trailers had to deliver 1,560 tonnes of a special high-performance asphalt mix that requires special paving equipment.

Boscardin said it would be four inches thick, rather than the five inches they would use for a permanent installation. The company previously worked with NASCAR on projects at Homestead-Miami and Phoenix Raceway.

The track will only have two weeks to prepare and harden ahead of the Feb.6 weekend race, which is about half the normal time, but he doesn’t expect any issues.

500 trucks of soil were needed to cover the field.

500 trucks of soil were needed to cover the field.
(Meg Oliphant / Getty Images)

Temporary barriers, such as those used on an urban circuit, will be installed to define the oval, which was designed using simulations carried out on the iRacing platform. A pit lane will not be necessary as the Clash will consist of several short heat races and a non-stop main race.

As soon as this is done, the team will begin tearing the surface and trucking in the asphalt and dirt, all of which will be reused for other projects.

The exact price has not been revealed, NASCAR vice president of marketing services Patrick Rogers told the Sports Business Journal.


NASCAR has yet to confirm if he will return in 2023, but Boscardin will be ready if he does and looks forward to this year’s event.

“I think it’s gonna be a blast.”

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BTS’s V and Park Seo Joon camp out on Choi Woo Sik’s Instagram update Sat, 08 Jan 2022 11:19:12 +0000

the Wooga Team went wild on Instagram! Their interactions made us laugh on the floor and marvel at the close bond they seem to share with each other. Comprised of actors Choi Woo Sik, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, singer and actor BTS ‘V as well as musician Peakboy, Wooga Squad has become the most popular collection of some of the most dynamic individuals in the entertainment industry. Korean.

On January 7, actors Choi Woo Sik, Park Seo Joon and singer-actor BTS ‘V had fun in the comments section of an Instagram post from the “Our Beloved Summer” actor. Sharing a behind-the-scenes image of himself, Choi Woo Sik demanded Monday to arrive faster as it’s the day his drama with Kim Da Mi airs on SBS and Netflix.

V from BTS mocked Choi Woo Sik’s expression, saying “Expression, wow ha ha ha”, where he can be seen lashing out at the busy team. At this, the ‘Parasite’ actor lovingly asked her not to love her too much. Soon actor Park Seo Joon also commented on his admiration for Choi Woo Sik saying, “You know how to be cute” and the answer came with a simple smiley, “:)”

Check out the fun interactions below.

‘Our Beloved Summer’ is the story of 2 high school sweethearts dating. They are reunited by fate as their documentary goes viral. It stars Choi Woo Sik as Choi Ung and Kim Da Mi as Kook Yeonsu. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST (7:30 p.m. IST). The drama also has an OST, ‘Christmas Tree’, sung by BTS ‘V.

Join “The K-world Celebration” with “The HallyuTalk Awards” here.

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