Google on why the page experience report does not contain data


Google’s Martin Splitt explains to site owners why their Search Console Page Experience Report may not contain data.

A question regarding the lack of page experience data in Search Console was raised during Splitt’s live appearance on Search Engine Journal Today.

SEJ founder Loren Baker tells Splitt that SEOs and site owners are worried they won’t see the data in Search Console, despite testing their site for Core Web Vitals and other experience factors. page.

At the end of the day, Splitt says, these sites don’t generate enough field data for Google to confidently deliver a report that represents what users are going through.


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To be clear, lack of data is not an indication of errors. The reason other tools can generate reports is because they use lab data rather than field data.

Splitt adds that even sites that receive a fair amount of traffic may not be generating the telemetry data Google needs to publish a report.

“Not enough field data. It can be enough visitors, if those visitors don’t generate telemetry data, we still don’t have telemetry data.

And even if we have data, it may not be enough for us to say for sure that this is the data that we think represents the real signal. So we could decide not to have a signal for it if the data source is too fluffy or the data is too noisy.

… More traffic is more likely to generate data quickly, but that’s no guarantee. “


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All site owners can do is be patient and wait for Google to collect the field data it needs to report.

There is no reason to panic. If you, as an SEO or site owner, have it all figured out and the testing tools show that your site is in the green, then you’ve done everything you can so far.

Is there any chance of getting more detailed reports on Search Console?

Another question regarding the Search Console Page Experience Report came up later on the show, and it has to do with the level of detail in the report.

The report currently provides an overall score for Core Web Vitals metrics based on a sample of pages.

Google is able to identify UX issues and measure Core Web Vitals per page metrics using tools in Chrome. Is it possible for Google to add this level of reporting to Search Console?

If Google did this, Splitt says it could create privacy issues. There are no plans to add page-by-page reports to Search Console at this time.

“I guess it won’t always be easy, especially since we have to make sure that we don’t disclose too much information, as that might make things less private than you want. But I don’t know if there is anything planned to give you more information on this.

You can already get a lot of information about this if you test in your local developer tools. But I don’t think there’s anything planned on the Search Console roadmap. “


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Listen to the full discussion in the video below:


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