[Herald Interview] Seo In-guk says ‘Pipeline’ differs from other caper movies

Director Yoo Ha’s latest film “Pipeline” doesn’t follow the rules of traditional heist films, according to actor Seo In-guk who stars in the film.

“The biggest difference is that the main characters are not professionals,” Seo said in an interview with a group of reporters on Monday. “With the exception of my character Pindol, they’re all ordinary people. Even Pindol, who has been involved in oil thefts in the past, only did the drilling. It’s a motley group of people. “

Pindol (played by Seo), Korea’s top pipeline drilling technician, decides to accept an offer from Gun-woo (played by Lee Soo-hyuk), heir to a large conglomerate, to be part of a dangerous tanker hold-up. For the job, Gun-woo assembles a team of four thieves – Jeobsae (Eum Moon-suk), Manager Na (Yoo Seung-mok), Keunsab (Tae Hang-ho) and Counter (Bae Da-bin). However, working in a team is not easy as they all only work for their own interests.

“Pindol is an offensive character and has no respect for the other members of the team working in the underground tunnel. One of his lines is “You can be replaced, but I am irreplaceable”. He’s still confident, ”Seo said.

The young actor also spoke about his experience filming in a small dark underground tunnel.

“To be honest, I suffered more mentally than physically while filming in the tunnel. It was an enclosed space and the staff and the director were blocking the entrance to film the scene, ”he said.

What had helped him get through the predicament was the staff who had tried to give them as many breaks as possible and the co-stars who were constantly trying to lighten the mood, he said. He especially thanked Eum, who played Jeobsae, for always making everyone laugh.

“There was a time when Eum Moon-suk farted in the tunnel and it made everyone laugh. We had to stop filming for 5 to 10 minutes, ”he said with a beaming smile.

When asked what it was like working with actor Lee Soo-hyuk for the third time, he said it’s always fun working with a close friend. The two appeared on the tvN drama “High School King of Savvy” in 2014 and are currently working together in another tvN drama “Doom at Your Service,” which began airing on May 10.

“When I first met him at ‘High School King of Savvy’ I had no idea we would become so close,” Seo said. “We grew closer later by playing games, having meals and training together.”

Besides his acting career, Seo also spoke about his plans to continue his singing career. Seo made her vocal debut on the hit TV audition show “Super Star K” in 2009.

“I didn’t intend to focus more on acting. I always want to play more as a singer. I recently opened a music studio and also had meetings with composers, ”he said. “I’m a singer but I haven’t released my first full album yet. I want to show my singer color. This is something I have to work on.

“Pipeline” will be released in local theaters on Wednesday.

By Song Seung-hyun ([email protected])


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