“I’m not like that in real life”

South Korean actress Seo Ji-hye explained how she tried to portray her character in the upcoming mystery K-drama Adamas.

Scheduled to premiere tomorrow (July 27), Adamas follows a pair of twins, Ha Woo-shin and Song Soo-hyun (both played by Ji Sung) who set out to uncover the truth behind their stepfather’s murder. Along the way, they are joined by Eun Hye-soo, played by Seo, the wife of the eldest son of a conglomerate group.

During a press conference earlier today (July 26), Seo opened up about how she tried to portray the “mysterious” character of Hye-soo. “What’s on the inside is rarely revealed to the outside world,” said the actress, also known for her role in Sixth Sense Kiss. “We’re not sure if she’s going to help [the twins] or not.”

“[The character] was full of mysteries and secrets, and I tried to embody that role in my daily life, being secretive,” Seo revealed, before going on to explain how her character’s femininity differed from hers.

“I’m not like that in my real life. And I think everyone says I’m very feminine, but actually no, I’m not,” she shared, citing Hye-soo’s fondness for flower arrangements, for example. I don’t have a hobby like that. It’s very feminine. But what I’m saying is that I wanted to try to become the character that I was going to play. And I wanted it to feel natural so that I could portray the character more authentically.

Ji Sung. Credits: tvN / Disney+

Meanwhile, Ji Sung also shared some of the difficulties he encountered while playing twins in Adamas. “I wanted to approach them [as the] same person, and I started from the same starting point,” the veteran actor said. “These two are very similar and almost the same people, but with a slight difference. So I had to pay attention to these nuances, [which was] was quite a challenge.

The co-stars later shared their thoughts on reuniting on set nearly 10 years after working together on All-in, which had also been Seo’s first TV episode. “It is seldom the case that I meet [a co-star] on two different projects, and meeting [Ji Sung] for Adamas was awesome,” the actress said, adding that their previous experience helped with their chemistry on Adamas.

“Yes, by acting with her and looking at her, I can see that she still has what I saw of her 10 years ago,” Ji Sung continued. “She’s very captivating and graceful, and I know she’s aged gracefully and beautifully, so I was happy to see that.”

Adamas airs on tvN on July 27 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available to stream on Disney+ shortly after airing. Watch the trailer here.

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