iSpeedToLead is doubling down on helping investors and real estate agents across the United States find motivated leads and close deals

iSpeedToLead brings a revolutionary platform where real estate investors can discover seller motivation, needed repairs and more before committing to buying the lead. iSpeedToLead delivers hundreds of new US inbound PPC sales leads every day.

US-based iSpeedToLead has stepped up its efforts to help real estate investors find motivated leads, take action, and close real estate investment deals.

“For those aspiring to become successful real estate investors, there is perhaps no better crucial skill than understanding how to find motivated sellers. One thing that separates the hardcore investor from the elite redeveloper is not necessarily talent or character, but rather a system for finding motivated sellers.That’s where iSpeedToLead comes in,” says Gene Blinkov of iSpeedToLead.

iSpeedToLead serves as a revolutionary platform where real estate investors can purchase freshly generated Motivated Home Seller Leads who come from Google Ads and are motivated to get a cash offer or sell their home fast.

At iSpeedToLead, they can preview the city, state and reason for the seller’s sale and needed repairs before committing to buying the lead. On top of that, they can find fresh, live PPC seller leads in every city and state.

Gene assures that iSpeedToLead only generates motivated sellers, which means there are no tire busters and “what my house is worth” leads. iSpeedToLead further guarantees that every lead is out of market. If he’s listed or already under contract, it’s their money.

By joining iSpeedToLead, real estate investors can join over 9,000 real estate investors and agents across the United States, closing deals with iSpeedToLead-driven sellers.

In a review, Ester Tellez, a transactional engineer and real estate investor in Texas and Alabama, said she bought a lead from iSpeedToLead for 60,000 and sold it for 84,000. “I just closed on it. These are awesome leads,” Ms. Tellez writes.

Another customer, Matt S., said he was impressed with how quickly someone bought the lead after him. Matt tells the iSpeedToLead team, “You have hungry wholesale customers!”

Meanwhile, Charles Hernandez of HBHS wrote, “If you want to start PPC but don’t have the budget, buy the best ‘US pay-per-view’ PPC leads from iSpeedToLead.

Real estate investors looking for the best advice on finding real estate leads and wholesale leads can tune in to The Closers Show, where the iSpeedToLead team calls live to show wholesalers, wholesale investors, contractors, investors realtors and real estate agents how to close deals and talk to sellers.

“We hire top cold calling professionals who show them how to close deals from a cold call. We also share the best marketing strategies for lead generation because the science behind lead generation for real estate is confusing and very broad,” says Gene.

Those interested in learning more about iSpeedToLead can direct message the iSpeedToLead team immediately or visit the website for more information.

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