Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3, episode 10 recap


Episode 10 throws new wrenches into the works as the series continues to enjoy a crazy turn of events.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3, episode 10 contains spoilers.

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There are so many twists and turns in episode 10 that it’s not easy to understand how it feels. Hopefully there will be a happy ending, or Twitter will crash!

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3 episode 10 recap

Episode 10 opens with a possessed Hye-ryung greeting Sa-hyeon and seeming to change something in his brain. Hye-ryung is possessed by Song Won. What did she do to her brain? Was it a spell? A change in brain chemistry? Whatever, it works. Sa-hyeon is interested in establishing a connection with Hye-ryung again. The couple now seem to be getting along, and Sa-hyeon’s parents are confused and pleasantly surprised at Hye-ryung’s efforts to help the family. What a crazy story.

Anyway, to the real stories of the series. Pi-young and her daughter enjoy their time with Dong-ma. The girl tells her mother that she should marry Dong-ma. Pi-young tells Dong-ma that they have their daughter’s approval. It didn’t take long, but luckily Pi-young’s daughter seems to have her head on.

As for the other future marriage, a new key is in preparation. Park Hae-ryun spies on his ex-wife Si-eun and Seo Ban, then talks to his kids. He wants to know their feelings about their mother marrying a new man. He asks his children to live with him and claims that Seo Ban will end up feeling unhappy, so they should give their mother a honeymoon phase. He promises to provide for them. This is very manipulative from Park Hae-ryun, who is trying to ruin Si-eun’s life for his benefit.

Si-eun’s daughter confronts her mother and tells her that they will live with their father so she can enjoy life as a newlywed. Even his son agrees that it will be better for them. Si-eun is shocked by this revelation and quickly gets angry. The daughter tells her mother that she deserves to enjoy a good life.

Dong-ma meets Si-eun privately and reveals a secret about her brother. However, the conversation isn’t shown, which is incredibly frustrating. Si-eun states that she will stick with Seo Ban no matter what. Meanwhile, Seo Ban meets his father. The father tells him to take care of his health because he is about to become “the man of the house”. Is Seo Ban dying or what? What’s going on!

Si-eun tells her children that they should do their best in the new situation they find themselves in. She wants them all to use their wisdom to create results. Si-eun insists that the wedding with Seo Ban will go as planned and they will be a family. His children seem to agree.

The end

At the end of the episode, Seo Ban asks Si-eun if he can sleep after enjoying his last bachelor party with his friends. Si-eun tells him he can stay. Meanwhile, Dong-ma meets her father, who asks her about his future wife and her age. Episode 10 throws new wrenches into the works as the series continues to enjoy a crazy turn of events.

Additional points

  • Si-eun and Pi-young enjoy a double date with Seo Ban and Dong-ma. Dong-ma asks Si-eun to treat her brother well.
  • Sa-hyeon asks the possessed Hye-ryung if they can get back together, and she agrees. Song Won’s spirit is happy.

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