Marketing gurus reveal PPC trends for 2022 success

London, United Kingdom – January 12, 2022 – Since COVID-19, businesses and digital marketers around the world are facing more competition than ever. Top-class websites are now a necessity, as are an engaged social audience and viral content – ​​but if you really want to gain an edge, PPC efforts need to feature prominently in your marketing strategy.

Businesses that want to maintain their visibility, get noticed, and reach new customers in 2022 need to be aware of PPC trends. Brands that don’t use PPC run the risk of losing out to their competitors. The PPC experts at The Brains have come together to compile the PPC trends to watch in 2022, including potential new platforms for PPC ad campaigns, mobile-friendly PPC ads, and advances in PPC automation.

Discussing the PPC trends of 2022, Lenka Stefanakova, Senior Account Strategist for PPC, says:

“With new privacy policy changes coming into effect, marketers will really need to securely collect first-party data to elevate their marketing efforts. As data gets more and more covered, businesses should really focus on creating strong ads that stand out Video ads are a must have asset for any brand in 2022 don’t tend to convert on the very first visit to the website. To really be successful this year, you need to really understand your audience and learn more about their touchpoints, find out where they hang out, and reconnect with them. – Lenka Stefanakova, senior account strategist for PPC, The Brains

The detailed blog post, outlining the hottest PPC trends and tips for 2022, can be found below:

PPC Trends for 2022: How to Get Noticed

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