Mike McPeak on SEO in a Low Tech Space and Markets with Low Volume Keywords

In the first part, we talked about learning SEO on the job, then here we touched on the topic of marketing and SEO for a business located in a low tech space. He said a lot of things were not just about basic technical SEO on his website, but the content as well. They just needed to start writing content, starting with basic content and then getting more and more technical over time. Mike said the space was not competitive at all, but at the same time it was difficult to get started. Once they started it got easier and more detailed and unique the content got. They even started doing 3D presentations of their products and more. Sadly, Mike has never mixed up any of the flatbed trucks, at least not yet.

Mike McPeak then explained how his industry has very low search volume. But it only takes a few customers to click and hide to achieve a big win. The problem with the words they are targeting is that there is some overlap with the movie trailers, which obviously aren’t from the same field as Trucks. So they use a lot of longer keywords and also a ton of negative keywords to make sure they find the right searchers.

He also told a funny story of how there was a huge spike in searches for flat beds because there was a new Fortnight challenge that resulted in huge incense in searches for that keyphrase.

It was a very fun conversation and Mike is a super nice and intelligent person.

You can read more about Mike McPeak at LinkedIn or @seo_sitch.

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