Oliver Hutchins wins PPC Malta Main Event for €74,000

Olivier Hutchins traveled to Malta to participate in the Partypoker Players Championship (PPC) Malta Main Event after winning his place at €550 for €109 in an online satellite on partypoker. Hutchins parlayed that satellite win to claim the PPC Malta Main Event title and a career high €74,000.

Until the PPC Malta Main Event, Hutchins had won $25,023 in live poker tournaments. Most of that sum, £121.92 ($16,686) came from placing second in a £250 buy-in event at the PokerStars London Series in October 2021. He now has a new career-high of €74,000 after outlasting 847 opponents to become the inaugural PPC Malta champion.

PPC Malta Main Event Final Table Results

Location Player The country Price
1 Olivier Hutchins UK €74,000*
2 Damir Savio Croatia €58,000*
3 Jingchun Yu China €31,000
4 Massimo Rossi Italy €21,000
5 Wouter Schuurbiers Belgium €16,000
6 Federico Cirillo Italy €13,000
7 Fedrico Petruzzelli Italy €10,000
8 Bradley Stud UK €8,000
9 Giuseppe DiBella Italy €6,400

* Reflects heads-up agreement

Fifteen players returned to Portomaso Casino on April 4, each hoping to at least make the final table. The day ended earlier than expected for Victor Allain, Simone Lombardo, Mariusz Lewoniewski, Lukaszk Fraczek, Andrea Bettiniand Nicolas Plantinthe latter being the bubble boy of the final table.

Each of the nine finalists has blocked €6,400 for their efforts. It’s the sum Giuseppe DiBella cashed when his short-stack 3-bet shoves with five-four lost against the queen-jack of Federico Petruzzelli.

Gudgeon turns an €11 satellite into an €8,000 score

Bradley Stud from the UK won their PPC Malta Main Event for just €11 online at partypoker. He was doing great until he re-raised all-in with pocket kings and hit the ace-king of Damir Savio, who paired his ace on the turn. Gudgeon turned his €11 investment into €8,000.

Ace-king is good for Savio again as he eliminated Federico Cirillo in seventh place with Big Slick against pocket jacks, before Massimo Rossi sent both Wouter Schuurbeirs and Cirillo on the sidelines with a pair of aces read in the hole, which reduced the tournament to just four prospects.

Rossi failed to put those chips to good use and pushed his last ten big blinds into the middle of the felt with an ace-ten after China Jingchun Yu opened with queen-jack. Yu called and immediately came from behind with a queen on the flop, which proved enough to send Rossi into the showers.

A rush of blood to the head caused Yu to retire in third place. Yu moved all in for 21 big blinds with king-four from the small blind. Hutchins called with the top king-queen and won the hand with his queen kicker after both players paired their king on the turn.

let’s make a deal

This gave Huthcins a 16,100,000 to 9,400,000 chip advantage over Savio. He had Savio on the ropes at one point, but Savio never gave up and was nearly even in chips when a scheduled break halted play. Hutchins and Savio returned from their brief respite after reaching a deal, one leaving €13,000 more for the future champion.

Savio grabbed the chip lead before falling behind as the momentum turned in favor of Hutchins. The final hand of the PPC Malta Main Event saw Savio drop to under 6.5 big blinds and go all-in with the king-nine. Hutchins sought it out with an ace eight, and a queen-high board meant the ace-high was enough to give the title to the winner of the Hutchins satellite.

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