Outgoing Gulf PPC Maria Johns makes history

The new provincial police commander, Chief Inspector Jeffrey Lemb, made the remark earlier this month during the handover ceremony for the PPC post in Kerema, Gulf Province.

Mr Lemb said Superintendent Johns was appointed PPC in the Gulf Province among all the provinces in the country. Thus, the people of the Gulf also made history with her as she served the province.

He said it was a wonderful and remarkable achievement well rated in the Gendarmerie and throughout the country.

“With very little to no resources at all, Superintendent Johns has done her best to move the province forward in terms of law and order,” he added.

Mr. Lemb said his intention for policing in the Gulf Province now is to build police capacity to a reasonable level while respecting the basics of policing. He said maintaining law and order in the province is everyone’s business.

“It’s not for the police alone. All people in the province should be upholders of law and order. If they didn’t do it, no one would do it for them. I urge everyone to take ownership of the maintenance of public order and maintain peace in their own small communities and villages.

“The police, as law enforcement authorities, will always do their best to suppress such activities,” he added.

Mr Lemb said the police needed the cooperation of Gulf residents to provide a happy, prosperous and enjoyable environment in the province.

Deputy Provincial Administration James Hasu thanked outgoing PPC Superintendent Johns for her efforts. Mr. Hasu also thanked the new CPP for rising to the challenges and raising their hands to serve the province.

He assured the CPP that the provincial government is committed to working together and providing the necessary support to the police to ensure the maintenance of public order.

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