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East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Albert Beli said the man escaped and police confiscated the homemade weapons and tools used to make the weapons.

He said the weapons found in the man’s house looked like factory-made weapons. PPC Beli said the police acted on intelligence provided to them regarding the illegal manufacture and sale of firearms.

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“The police then carefully gathered the information and headed for the village of Saure, located a few kilometers from the town of Wewak. The police arrived at the man’s home but he escaped when he saw the police. The man is known to the police and we are going to find him. I want him to show up at the police station and exonerate himself.

PPC Beli stated that homemade weapons are of high quality and pose a threat to the community, when there is no control over these weapons circulating in the community. Some of the people who do this must know that the guns they make add even more problems to communities.

He said the guns could one day harm your family members if you sell them to the wrong people.

In the meantime, PPC Beli has said that since the 2022 elections approached, he wants the community to report such activities to the police.

He said guns could be used to cause trouble during elections and can be used by criminals for theft, break and enter and other serious criminal activity.

“I call on communities to report illegal activity across the province, including the making of illegal firearms, homebrew brewing, and the making of other offensive weapons. We must all work together to minimize crime in the province.

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