Rai Coast Law and Order Awareness

Madang Provincial Police Acting Commander Mazuc Rubiang said the police officers deployed there have received reports that gangs are operating in different parts of Nayudo LLG and are committing different criminal activities of a very serious nature.

He said the team arranged for the gang to surrender their weapons but nothing happened. The PPC said the police had received information about the Hetwara gang, which terrorized people in the Nankina Valley. He said the police had also received information that the Hetwara gang was now fighting with another group known as Gwarawon Resistance Group, which opposes what the Hetwara gang is doing in the valley.

PPC Rubiang said the Hetwara gang attacked several families and the police officers deployed there are trying to build relationships with the gang members, so that they surrender their weapons so that the elections can be peaceful. He said the police were doing their best to make sure the two groups went to the police and told them why they were fighting each other.

The police also communicate as best they can with community leaders to identify gang members and liaise with them to lay down their arms for the good of everyone in the Nankina Valley.

He said police needed to be airlifted to the area where the two gangs are fighting. Many lives have been lost in a week of fighting. The fighting continues.

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