Shooting at Tacoma Mall: 1 person shot, sending shoppers scrambling for safety

Tacoma Police Department said the victim was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

“People were fleeing, sheltering in place and stores were closed,” said Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Sgt. Darren Moss told CNN.

He said the mall was closed as police searched for a suspect. “The scene is still active and we don’t want people responding to it,” Moss said.

Bethany Villero, who shopped at the mall on Black Friday, described a chaotic scene after gunfire.

“I saw people throw up, I guess they were so scared,” Villero told CNN.

Villero said she did not hear the gunshots as she left the Nordstrom store, but first learned of what happened from a group of young girls leaving the building.

“I heard them behind me, and they were crying and screaming,” Villero said. “A lot of people were coming out of Nordstrom crying and looking terrified.

“It was just chaotic, with people just trying to leave at the same time.… The terror on these children’s faces is the worst,” she said.

The Tacoma Police Department took unaccompanied minors to a nearby bus station for treatment. Moss said stores were closed as other shoppers tried to flee the mall.

Pierce County Law Enforcement Officers Helping Tacoma Police Search Mall, County Sheriff’s Department said in a tweet.
The shopping center houses more than 150 stores, according to its website.

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