Solodev launches serverless incentives portal for construction

ORLANDO, Fla., May 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Solodev, the cloud services company, today announced the availability of its Solodev Serverless Incentives Portal: a fast, secure, and highly scalable platform for creating cloud rewards store experiences. Like “Bank Points” popular with payment card rewards systems, the Incentives Portal gives brands and organizations the ability to create a rich storefront of digital rewards, from gift cards to branded payment solutions. through NFTs and crypto payments. Solodev will also offer guidance to help organizations develop and execute their incentive strategy, including turnkey brand solutions and ongoing marketing and support. The Solodev Serverless Incentives Portal builds on its legacy Incentives Portal solution and overcomes the limitations of traditional infrastructure offerings, providing customers with unmatched scalability, security and peace of mind over their digital rewards programs.

According to Gartner, successful “value enhancement” can equate to an 82% chance that a customer will stick with a brand or business. This increased loyalty can further equate to higher wallet share, positive word of mouth, and other viral impacts. Solodev’s Incentives Portal is designed to help businesses access enhanced value by offering a choice of digital rewards that encourage engagement, drive future transactions, and personalize the customer experience in new ways. These rewards can also be leveraged across different ecosystems, providing solutions to improve employee retention, drive product adoption, convert survey participation, and more.

Solodev’s Serverless Incentives Portal has been successfully deployed by retail and healthcare customers, providing a customizable storefront that can host a wide range of digital rewards solutions. Rapidly deployed on AWS using state-of-the-art, secure serverless cloud technology, the Incentives Portal can be loaded with gift cards, prepaid incentive cards from Mastercard or Visa, and branded custom payment solutions like eGifts . Drawing on its extensive experience with digital rewards programs, Solodev also offers dedicated consulting services to help clients launch their digital rewards programs. This includes custom UX services, turnkey branding and app design, and custom marketing programs and campaigns to drive brand awareness.

The continued rise of blockchain and web3 technologies is reshaping the landscape of loyalty programs. As NFTs gamify engagement, crypto payments offer new experiential redemption offers in retail, hospitality, and other commercial sectors. With Solodev’s Incentive Portal, brands and organizations can now offer an expanded choice of digital rewards to users, including NFTs or crypto payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum or other alternative coins, all available through a unique and transparent experience.

The Solodev Serverless Incentives Portal offers an ultra-secure and highly scalable digital rewards experience. The app enables organizations to set up portal experiences that improve the rewards journey while driving loyalty – but unlike other rewards store ecosystems, Solodev deploys its rewards portal with AWS Fargate, the most advanced container-based solution for serverless deployments. Powered securely by Git and infinitely scalable, Solodev’s Incentives Portal is extremely fast and relatively inexpensive – giving organizations more control and predictability over their cloud operations while future-proofing their ability to deliver rewards. digital web3 to their ecosystem.

“Loyalty programs are ripe for digital transformation, and the cloud is powering new channels of opportunity with rewards,” said Matt Garrepy, chief digital officer at Solodev. “As marketers look for ways to increase engagement and retain shoppers, digital rewards stores dramatically improve customer choice and value. With our serverless incentives portal, we give brands a way to quickly build a personalized rewards store, connect it to a wide range of products, and create even greater retention by offering crypto payments It’s a Web3 world, and rewards programs can now take advantage of it left.

In addition to its Serverless Incentives portal, Solodev has introduced several new cloud products to its catalog, including Solodev License Manager, Solodev Serverless Health Cloud, and Solodev NFT Marketplace. The company is also planning several announcements on its 2022 roadmap that include cloud apps for recruiting, crypto, personalization, and more.

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Solodev Cloud Services is the Internet’s largest ecosystem of cloud technologies and digital experience – from containers to cryptography, content to AI. With Solodev, developers and organizations can create amazing customer experiences, deploy custom cloud and blockchain applications, launch NFT marketplaces, and collaborate on digital transformation. Solodev Cloud Services also provides consulting, training, managed services, and 24/7 human support to help users succeed in their journey to the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner, Solodev has developed rigorous skills in government, education, digital customer experience (DCX), and public safety and disaster response. Solodev’s cloud services – including CMS, Kubernetes, and Personalize – can be purchased on-demand from AWS Marketplace, through state and federal contract vehicles, or online at

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