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If you’ve been following this column for a while, you’ve probably read about the importance of having good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website. While this is very important and should not be overlooked, this SEO is often not specific to a location or region. What I want to discuss in the article is specifically about local SEO so that your business can perform well in location specific searches.

In terms of SEO, localization is essential.

Use location specific data on your website structure – While standard SEO can allow you to optimize a page for a particular product or service that you offer, local SEO takes it a step further by incorporating location-specific data. An example could be a page specific to the color of the welcome window. While this page may work well for searches related to “home window dye” in your area, assuming other things are present on your site, such as your address and phone number, you can do better with a little local SEO. An example of what many do vs what is possible for a fictitious business selling tinted windows in Timbuktu is below;

Keywords: Window stain (Standard) / Home Tinted windows Timbuktu (Optimized room)

Title of the page: Incorporates the “welcome window tint” (Standard) / Integrates “Home Window Tinting In Tombouctou” (Optimized room)

URL / Slug of the page: Window tinting (Standard) / Home-glazing-stain-tombouctou (Optimized room)

Meta Description: Mentions “tinting the windows of the house” (Standard) / Mentions (Tombouctou tinted welcome window ” (Optimized room)

Alternative tags for photos: Incorporates the “welcome window tint” (Standard) / Integrates “Home Window Tinting In Tombouctou” (Optimized room)

Title or H tags: Incorporates the “welcome window tint” (Standard) / Integrates “Home Window Tinting In Tombouctou” (Optimized room)

Location maps used: Use a standard map with a location pin (Standard) / Use the map generated by Google My Business (Optimized room)

You can see that this is just an example of a specific page on your website and how these small changes could significantly help that business’s local SEO when someone searches for their service in Timbuktu.

Configure, verify and optimize your Google My Business page – I discussed the importance of properly setting up a Google My Business page to display correctly on the Map Pack in a previous article titled “Don’t Make That Huge Marketing Mistake in 2020 (Part 2)”, so I won’t. review all points here. I can only say that it is imperative for any local SEO effort that this page is set up and properly maintained.

As mentioned in the point above, you can also use your Google My Business page to generate a map that can be embedded on your website for directions and to tell Google exactly where you are. This ties all of the page’s SEO to the Google My Business page so that you give your business a better chance of delivering locally relevant search.

While this is not a complete guide to local SEO, these are areas that we believe many customers miss. Standard and local SEO are a continuous and moving target, but it’s important that these fundamentals are done right to prepare your business for success when it comes to high localized search rankings.

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