Whiteland’s Mohr Logistics Park Approved for Next Step

By Alexa Shrake for the Daily Journal

A main course for the next stage of the Mohr Logistics Park was approved by Whiteland’s planning commission last week.

Mohr Capital, a Dallas, Texas-based real estate development company, is investing approximately $350 million to build a 475-acre industrial park off Interstate 65’s Whiteland Road exit. The development will include up to 10 warehouses ranging in size from 111,000 square feet to 1.3 million square feet.

Of these buildings, two have been leased; one to Cooper Tire and one to an unknown tenant, according to CBRE’s marketing website for the development. Cooper Tire, which moved into the nearly one million square foot building from a smaller site in Franklin, is already operating at the site.

Several other buildings are under construction as part of a previously approved flat for approximately 233 acres of land in the area between I-65, Graham, Whiteland and Tracy roads.

The development could also include future retail space along Whiteland Road and a municipal park, but plans for these have not been finalized.

The new flat is for the 153 acres that were added to the development in April 2021. The flat allows the company to build up to six lots at the corner of Tracy and Graham Roads.

Although the dish has been approved for six buildings, online marketing materials suggest there will be between three and five buildings ranging in size from one million square feet to 179.00 square feet. The building’s size and lessor will depend on the market, Mohr representatives said.

As required by the city, the development will include a pond and berms at least 6 feet high to protect nearby property owners. The buildings would be accessible from Graham Road, rather than Tracy Road, to reduce traffic in the area, according to plans.

The planning commission asked Mohr to ensure that the roads in the park will be maintained by the owner.

“I just want to make sure there’s nothing inside the line that the city has to maintain,” said member Tim Brown.

Representatives for Mohr said the park will remain private and the city will not be responsible for the roads inside.

Landowners around the park remain concerned about development. They have been vocal since plans were first approved for development in the summer of 2020.

The commission asked Mohr to work with landowners on their concerns and inform them before construction begins.

Representatives for Mohr did not give a timeline for construction of the newly flat portion of the development.

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