Who is Yoo Eun-seo? Kim Garam had patched up the alleged victim before the debut of Le Sserafim

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It appears that the only known alleged victim, Yoo Eun-seo, continues to stay in the spotlight due to the ever-evolving bullying scandal at Kim Garam’s school. However, she wasn’t the one who started it in the first place. After HYBE announced the members of her new girl group The Sserafim which included Garam, several anonymous posts were released on April 5 claiming that she was a bully, was obsessed with sex and drew pictures. rude pictures at school and that she smoked and drank. After HYBE denied all the rumors and filed a lawsuit, Kim Garam debuted in The Sserafim.


Instead of the scandal dying down, the situation escalated when Yoo Eun-seo‘s law firm publicly released its defense against Kim Garam on May 19 with a detailed description of how she was allegedly victimized. intimidation by the former star of Le Sserafim. But Kim Garam’s latest update on her friend’s Instagram shows the two had in fact patched up and been friends before her debut as a K-pop idol. After HYBE dropped the 16-year-old and kicked her out of the Sserafim, Garam reportedly spoke out for the first time via an Instagram account.

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On the side of Yoo Eun-seo

Although there have been several rumors of physical assault and rude behavior, the only one that seems to have some truth is the situation between Kim Garam and Yoo Eun-seo, as both parties, including HYBE, have it. spoken publicly. On May 19, Eun-seo’s law firm Daeryum released a lengthy statement. Yoo Eun-seo was a classmate of Kim Garam. She voluntarily transferred to another school as she was constantly bullied by the former member of Le Sserafim and his gang. Because of this, the school violence committee had given Garam a level 5 punishment while Eun-seo got psychological counseling in 2018. It should be noted that the school violence committee’s case was confirmed by the Ministry of Education, HYBE and Kim. Garam.

Eun-seo claimed she was quiet on the matter when Garam was about to debut and saw the other baseless rumors against the former idol popping up along with other alleged victims speaking out. She claimed she was threatened online for making up false rumors about Kim Garam. She suffered from panic attacks and attempted suicide. The law firm said it sent a letter to HYBE a month ago on April 20 not wanting compensation but only asking for the truth and an apology, but the company ignored it. Eun-seo is currently being treated by a psychiatrist.


On the side of Kim Garam

On August 10, Kim Garam reportedly posted her version of the story on Instagram. HYBE acknowledging the posts has fans sure it was indeed made by the former Le Sserafim member. In both posts, Garam denied all baseless accusations – she has never been violent with anyone, has never been forced to transfer due to bullying, has never smoked or drunk, and has never intimidated anyone. She said the Level 5 punishment given to her was due to an immature incident where she thought she was being chivalrous in trying to defend a friend. According to her, Yoo Eun-seo took a photo of Garam’s friend in her underwear and posted it on Facebook. They confronted Eun-seo because of this and insulted her in person and online.


According to the school violence committee filing that Garam shared, Eun-seo also retaliated by making her friends swear at Garam’s group. Garam’s clique had also created a group chat to insult Eun-seo. Her group also threatened to similarly take a photo of Eun-seo in her underwear and post it online. After Eun-seo apologized and transferred schools, at the new school she spread the rumor that she had been bullied by Garam and his clique. They again created a group chat to swear at Eun-seo who also invited older people to the group. According to the filing, Garam received a level 5 punishment for speaking ill of Eunseo, being involved in the molka incident (sharing a nude photo), swearing at people in person and online.

The Instagram account also posted screenshots of an alleged conversation between Garam and Eun-seo after the 2018 incident. It states that they were on good terms and patched things up, but Eun-seo decided to twist the incident as she was jealous of Garam’s K. -pop debut. The screenshots include Garam and Eun-seo complimenting and calling each other cute.


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